How to Choose the Best Staffing Software for Your Business?

There are two common pain points that most businesses will experience in the next decade. First is the inability to find and recruit the right talent. The second is the inability to optimize your existing workforce. Talent sectors across various industries are severely depleted.  The scarcity of tech talent, in particular, will lead to many … Read more

The Best Tools for Talent Acquisition in 2022

Talent acquisition tools are digital tools that help recruiters discover and connect with potential employees. Every top placement agency uses these tools to investigate local talent pools and collect information on potential candidates. In this digital era, it’s impossible to acquire talent in timely and cost-effective ways without using these tools.  According to placement consultancy … Read more

Fast Growing Careers for Remote Trend Jobs in (2021)

Since COVID 19 hit the floor in 2020, many promising young and well-experienced people have lost their job. Most of these job seekers, including new people, are seeking remote jobs in 2021. They found that working from home is a more convenient option for them to be more productive.  Mainly it goes for those working ladies who … Read more

External Recruitment Advantages and Disadvantages

external recruitment advantage disadvantage

  The battle to secure talent is heating up. In a recent survey, 92% of C-Suite leaders claimed that without recruitment success, their organizations would struggle to stay in business. Many of these leaders are lined up for failure because, by the end of 2022, 86% of employees in India are expected to resign from … Read more

Tips for Acing a Virtual interview

11 Great Tips for Acing a Virtual Interviews According to a recent survey from Indeed, 82% of employers used virtual interviews in 2021. 93% of them plan to continue using them in 2022 & beyond. So, if you’re on the job hunt, learning how to conduct yourself in a virtual interview is a must. Don’t … Read more

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