The Importance of Being Honest with Your Recruiter

When looking for a job, everyone wants to put their best foot forward, and understandably so. You want the people at the staffing agency to believe that you are an exceptional candidate for a particular job. However, the problem begins when candidates try to fabricate the truth in order to get hired by a company. 

In a study, it was observed that 96% of candidates looking out for jobs preferred a company that values transparency. The feeling is mutual in this regard. The placement consultancy or the company you are aiming to work for also values honesty and transparency. So, as a potential job seeker, you must portray the same.

Whether it is your resume or previous job experience that you feel dissatisfied with, there is no reason to forge this information. Being truthful with your recruiter is of utmost importance.

Here’s why.

It gets out one way or the other

One of the commonest things people try to lie about is if they have been laid off from their previous job. What you need to understand is that getting fired from one company does not make you incompetent for hiring. If your values and skills align with those of the present company, you have the chance of being hired.  

Once you lie about being fired to the recruiter or the staffing agency, you have to go to great lengths to cover up for it. Besides, remember, every company spends time running thorough background checks on their potential employees. When they do it, the truth will come out in some way. 

Rather than your recruiters finding it out themselves, it is better for you to speak about it yourself. This gives you an opportunity to tell them your side of the story. Deception is simply not the way to go!

You set the right level of expectations

Say, you have presented on your resume that you are an excellent violin player when in reality, you have never held a violin in your life. Since these activities make you stand out to recruiters in the placement consultancy besides your job-relevant skills, they take interest in you and ultimately hire you. After you start working, during a cultural event, the management requires you to play your violin since it was mentioned in your resume. 

What do you do now? 

Lying in your resume sets a false level of expectations. The organization starts to delegate work that you are not able to do, or you are given way more work than you can handle. This ultimately leads to job dissatisfaction and increased stress. So, be honest with your recruiter, both on your resume and when communicating face to face. Be clear about what can be expected of you. 

Do you want to stay away from sticky situations at work? Do you wish to form a trustworthy relationship with a potent company from the get-go? Then honesty is the best policy. Get in touch with Synergy now to get noticed by the company of your dreams! 


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