Why Talent Sourcing Is Important In This Market ?

Employers understand that talent sourcing is one of the critical elements of the success of their companies. It requires adequate time and diligence. Hats off to the modern tools at our fingertips. Outsourcing talented candidates are no longer needs countless working hours. It has become easier than ever! But is it that easy as it looks? Finding extraordinary talent in this industry is more crucial, and it’s not easy to choose the right candidate for a particular post or position. According to current reports, 2021 has been a tremendous employee-driven year where many talented candidates got their dream job. Many companies have restored their hiring requirements to find highly qualified and dedicated candidates looking for a stable income to balance their work life and personal life.   

Here is a list of facts on why more talent sourcing is happening all around: 

As we live in a data-driven era, we can’t ignore the facts of numbers and statistics. As a result, approximately 28% of sourced employees will apply even though they are not qualified enough.    

According to human resource managers, 40% of employees are not suitably matched for the positions or posts they are applying for.     

As of 2019, it was stated that recruiters could not find suitable candidates for their companies.  

More than 80% of the employees qualified for open positions are already recruited and not actively searching for a better job or position.   

According to the LinkedIn survey, 80% of international professionals want to hear from employers, even though they already work.      

In 2021, undeniably, it is confirmed that the current job market stances various consequences and challenges for searching for highly talented aspirants, but the pandemic were a lesion for all recruiters. Now, it is time to think out of the box. 

So, the candidates must be creative and sharp towards their career goals. The primary purpose is to develop a sourcing idea that targets both active and passive candidates appropriate to the needed criteria, rather than focusing only on the skills.       

What is Talent Sourcing?

There is a difference between talent sourcing and recruiting. The end goal is the same but not the whole procedure. However, hiring emphasizes the end to end process. At the same time, talent sourcing involves filling each post or position with someone who is not well-qualified but more talented as a person too. It is now a recruiting strategy of all companies due to the countless and emerging candidate profiles on various online job recruiting platforms. The most tricky and successful employers apply this talent sourcing strategy that marks candidates possessing extraordinary skills and qualifications and as passion and personalities align with the company’s work culture and ethics.            

Know The Perks of Talent Sourcing: 

Ideally, recruiting passive employees has many advantages but convincing the right talent takes time and resources. Following is a list of the top aids resulting from talent sourcing.

  1. New Recruitment with Higher Quality:

With the help of talent sourcing, you can choose and pick the preferred questions. It indicates you can target those candidates in an exact location or with specific educational qualifications. You can also drive those candidates who are looking for better promotion or CTC. The eligibility is totally under your control. Whether you target active or passive job seekers, the results will give you fewer undeserved candidates. You can shortlist them and get a better list of well-suited candidates updated with the industry’s modern tools and technology.     

  1. Expands Efficiency:

According to statistical reports, talent sourcing enhances hiring efficiency double and decreases overall recruitment cost. The average recruiting time varies between 30 to 50 days, and it is now improved by implementing the talent sourcing strategy. This is because talent sourcing only focuses on targeted candidates and building relationships only those active or passive people. That’s why while recruiting, you must be aware of the candidate’s detail, interest, skills, passion, career graph and growth etc.    

Often, it has been seen that while reaching out to promising passive candidates who are not looking forward to switching their jobs, they may not be interested in a career move. That’s where you have to introduce yourself as a professional employer and give them clues about the new age job opportunities and motivate them to get a better and higher position. Maybe they are not interested now, but they will keep your words and pursue them later.      

Supports Workforce Diversity:

Finding candidates through talent sourcing strategy, there is a probability to find highly talented candidates who are not aware of better job opportunities. These progressive approaches also help you avoid simply filling a position by relying on a referral, which rarely works out in the long term.

Wrapping up! 

Talent sourcing is an impeccable way to create your service or brand. Indeed, you should be aware of hiring the wrong candidates. It takes a lot of time, effort and money on recruiting. By implementing talent sourcing make your recruitment process more straightforward and effortless.      


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