Everything You Should Know About Staffing Agency

Recruitment is a core function of running a successful business. To smoothly execute this core function of recruitment, a staffing agency is important. As a business owner, if you have questions about the importance, responsibilities, roles, charges, and so on about a placement consultancy, just read on! 

What is a Staffing Company?
A staffing agency can save money and time by recruiting qualified personnel for your business. If you’re on the lookout for highly skilled employees to fill certain positions, a staffing company can be of great value to you. 

Although a staffing company isn’t ideal for all businesses, in case you’re considering the idea of collaborating with a staffing company to fulfill your hiring needs, this is what the process of recruitment can look like: 

Step 1: The employer approaches the staffing company that best fits the industry needs and the agency is provided important information such as job description and responsibilities, salary rate, the timeline for recruitment, and so on. 

Step 2: The placement consultancy prepares and advertises the job description, job role, and contacts potential candidates on behalf of the business. 

Step 3: Once potential candidates reach out to the agency, the staffing company selects the best candidates (based on skill set, experience, qualifications) for your business. These candidates are then introduced to the hiring manager. 

Step 4: The business owner or the hiring manager of the concerned organization will then select the best candidates based on interviews. 

Step 5: Once the recruitment has been finalized, the staffing company manages the paperwork such as taxes, contracts, etc. 

Staffing solutions provided by placement agencies 

  • Identification of the workload requirements of a company. 
  • Understanding the type of workforce required for fulfilling the workload needs of a business. 
  • Interviewing and shortlisting potential candidates. 
  • Vetting potential candidates. 
  • Post recruitment paperwork such as drawing contracts and considering other legal issues. 
  • Training new hires. 

Roles offered by placement agencies 

  • Short-term hire/ Contract employment: This model of recruitment is focused on identifying the immediate requirements of an organization. In such cases, projects are short-term and require specialized services. Temp job recruitments and seasonal job recruitments comprise contract employment. 
  • Temp-to-hire: The temps are recruited on a trial basis. If the temporary hires provided by the recruitment agency fulfill the performance criteria, then these temp workers shift to the organization’s payroll from the placement agency’s payroll. 
  • Long-term staffing: In this role, the recruitment agency takes a proactive look into the growth plan and needs of the organization. Long-term staffing is provided in cases where there are employees who will retire soon or take a sabbatical or maternity leave. 

Benefits of working with a staffing company 

Here are the key benefits of working with a placement agency

  • Staffing agencies always have specialists that have an aptitude for identifying talent. 
  • These agencies work with strategies based on empirical evidence, use metrics for maximizing effectiveness, and the right technological tools to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process. 
  • Staffing companies always have a talent pool. Talent pool development is one of the main functions performed by these recruitment agencies. They network with passive candidates, online communities, and other skilled professionals. So, the time taken to execute recruitment is significantly reduced. 
  • Working with a placement agency enables businesses to solely focus on their growth. The staffing company takes up the burden of the whole hiring process. 
  • Such agencies also provide customized staffing solutions for every business. 

Staffing agencies can significantly improve the efficiency of businesses and organizations when it comes to executing the fundamental function of recruitment.


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